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June 2, 2004
Creative media company Silver Oaks has released its first online game, Chatterblox Deluxe. Unlike other popular word games which force players to create words from linked letters, Chatterblox allows the freedom to build words of any length from any tile on the screen.

The result is a fast-paced word game with hundreds of exciting levels. Players are challenged at three different skill settings to help Rex the dinosaur free the Icelings trapped in the ice by building words from the letter blocks. Both strategy and speed are tested against the timer, the rate of new letters falling, heavy rocks, bonus blocks, plus extra points for number of words built and longest word. High scores are tallied locally and can be submitted online to the Chatterblox Hall of Fame.

Silver Oaks developed the game entirely in house, from game design and programming to original artwork, characters and music. The development team worked towards fast-paced game play, quality graphics, and the elusive "addictive" nature of other successful online games. "We knew when people couldn't stop playing the game, we had what we wanted," said Julie Wine Johnston, project manager.

Chatterblox debuted earlier this year, but was released on Big Fish Games in April, and Tucows just added it to their product listings in May with the coveted "5 Cow Ranking". In addition, over four dozen shareware and game sites are also selling the game as affiliates. On many of these sites, Chatterblox has received 5-star rankings as well as recommendations from educational sites and independent reviewers. Software Brat Inc. recommends the game, stating "Chatterblox Deluxe is a splendid word game that quickly brings mere word-smiths to their doom. ... Chatterblox Deluxe is as much a visual game as it is a word game ... Either way it is tops."

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Rated 'E' for Everyone
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